Acrobatics for Dancers

This is a class geared specifically for dancers to increase strength and flexibility in their acrobatic movements. The class covers basic acrobatic skills systematically working towards more advanced skills. This class is for both classical and competitive dancers.

Acrobatics for Dancers 1 (Ages 6 and up)

Acrobatics for Dancers 2 (Exp Ages 7 and up)

Acrobatics for Dancers 3 (Exp Ages 8 and up)

Acrobatics for Dancers 4 (Exp Ages 8 and up)

Stretch and Strengthen

This class focuses on the body’s center, from which all movements begin and end, making it possible to maintain balance while executing high extensions and graceful powerful movements. Learning how to correctly spot, enables dancers to improve and maintain balance and control while executing turns. This class is for the experienced dancer, however both classical and competitive dancers are welcome.

Contact the studio for proper class options & placement based off age & experience