Price per month based on the number of hours taken per week.

Family Discounts
2 dancers in the family: $10 off total tuition
3 or more dancers in the family: $5 off total tuition for each additional dancer

Annual Membership Fee
$25 per student

Company class rates
* Company class hours are not calculated into number of hours taken per week.  They are a separate fee.
$40 per month the first hour
$10 per month the second hour

Time per week Cost per month
30 minutes $45.00/mo
45 minutes $50.00/mo
1 hour $55.00/mo
x2 30 min  classes $70/mo
1.25 hours $75/mo
1.5 hours $85.00/mo
2 hours $95.00/mo
2.5 hours $105.00/mo
3 hours $115.00/mo
3.5 hours $125.00/mo
4 hours $130.00/mo
4.5 hours $140.00/mo
5 hours $145.00/mo
5.5 hours $155.00/mo
6 hours $160.00/mo
6.5 hours $170.00/mo
7 hours $175.00/mo
7.5 hours $185.00/mo
8 hours $190.00/mo
8.5 hours $200.00/mo
9 hours $205.00/mo
9.5 hours $215.00/mo
10+ hours $220.00/mo

Our Policies

Tuition and Payment Information
Karen’s Dance Studio regular dance season runs September through May. Monthly tuition prices are based on a total season amount split into equal monthly payments which are the same whether there are 3, 4 or 5 classes within the month. Tuition is not adjusted for studio closures due to performance weeks, holidays, or winter, spring, or summer breaks. These were taken into account when tuition was set. Tuition is paid in equal monthly installments. Siblings receive a family tuition discount per sibling.

Monthly Payment
Monthly payments may be paid through ACH withdrawal from a checking or savings account or from a credit card. ACH and Credit Card Payments will automatically draw the regular monthly tuition amount on the 5th of every month.  There is a 4% fee associated with Credit Card transactions.  You may also pay by semester – two lump sum payments for September-January and then February-May.

Withdrawals, Refunds, and Schedule Changes
Withdrawal from the studio requires a written notice on the appropriate class drop/change form. All withdrawals will be effective 30 days from the date received in the studio office. For your protection and to be certain that your account is properly closed, withdrawal cannot be accepted over the phone, by e-mail or through a teacher. No refunds for classes will be given as we will stop the auto withdrawal payment 30 days from the date on the class drop/change form.

Weather Policy
During inclement weather, the studio might have cancel classes. We will notify you through email, Facebook, and studio voicemail. We usually follow the Joplin Public school closings. Occasionally, by the time we start classes late in the afternoon, roads are clear.

Regular attendance is required for the overall progress of the students and class as a whole. Students need to arrive to class on time. Students should attend each class for maximum benefit and progress as they can easily fall behind by missing. If a student misses a class, he or she may make up the absence in a similar class. You may look at the class schedule online and let the front desk know you are making up a class.

Dress Code
All students’ hair must be pulled away from their face and off their neck. No jewelry. Students need to be in tights, leotards and ballet shoes for all ballet classes. Other classes may wear modest clothing (dance or fitness shorts and tank tops or t-shirts) with appropriate shoes. We discourage detachable tutus for our little ones.

Unattended Students
Though precautions are being taken with the security and well-being of your child, please encourage your child to remain in the lobby while awaiting your arrival. Student’s ages 3-6 years will be asked to remain in the classroom until the parents pick them up. Parents, if you know that you will be late to pick your child up, please call and notify the front desk. Students/Siblings/Children not in class are expected to be supervised by an adult.

Studio Conduct
No gum or candy will be allowed in class. ONLY WATER allowed in the dance studio. No outside shoes will be worn inside one of the dance rooms. Please show kindness and respect towards yourself and others while in class and at the studio. We ask that parents as well as students refrain from gossip and enter our doors with happy hearts. Be nice: it’s always more fun!

Publicity Waiver
Unless informed otherwise, Karen’s Dance Studio will consider photographs taken of our students to be permissible for publication in Karen’s Dance Studio informational publications, including advertising and Facebook.

Space Rental
Space rental will be available for birthday parties. See the front desk for details.